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Welcome to my personal cannabis blog.

Throughout this website you will find my personal opinion about a plethora of cannabis related products and topics.

Please enjoy scrolling and clicking around to find out more about  my cannabis strain reviewstop five sustainable cannabis farms and more. 

This site is meant for entertainment and opinion articles only no medical or nutritional advice is being given.

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Your Garden Friend,  Katy! 


My passion is to make people happy.!
As a former Professional Hair Colorist and business owner I pride myself in creating a community around the passions in my life.

I have been an avid rock climber, Volunteer Wilderness Ranger and outdoor enthusiast.

During one of my many adventures I acquired an pretty bad shoulder injury. Due to the injury plus chronic carpal tunnel syndrome, hairstyling is no longer a career option.

While healing from one shoulder surgery and two hand surgeries in one year,

I discovered the amazing medicinal properties of cannabis.

The results I was experiencing peaked my curiosity about this amazing plant.

I began reading and researching as much as I could about the properties of medical cannabis.

Due to the injury I was unable to climb or do hair, so I found solice in gardening.

While studying about cannabis and gardening, I decided to make a career change and started going to school in Sustainable Urban Agriculture, beginning a whole new path.

I earned Level One Cannabis Sommelier certificate certifying entry level Cannabis quality Interpening with the Trichome Institute.

I also earned an online Masters Certificate in Cannabis Business, sale, growing, cooking, and wellness, with the Cannabis Training University .

Ok, ok…. I also have been a lifelong cannabis connoisseur – which comes with the territory when you grow up in Palo Alto and followed the Grateful Dead durning the late 80’s ✌️☮️😎

I am not exactly sure where this path is taking me but I am enjoying the journey.

Come along with me while we discover new cannabis varietals, wellness products etc. and follow along with current trends in the legal cannabis market!

I look forward to to sharing this journey with you!



Katy (1GardenFriend)
Katy in the garden.



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