My passion is to make people happy.!
As a former Professional Hair Colorist and business owner, I pride myself in creating a community around the passions in my life.

I have been an avid rock climber, Volunteer Wilderness Ranger and outdoor enthusiast.

During one of my many adventures, I acquired a pretty bad shoulder injury. Due to the injury plus chronic carpal tunnel syndrome, hairstyling is no longer a career option.

While healing from one shoulder surgery and two hand surgeries in one year,

I discovered the amazing medicinal properties of cannabis.

The results I was experiencing piqued my curiosity about this amazing plant.

I began reading and researching as much as I could about the properties of medical cannabis.

Due to the injury, I was unable to climb or do hair, so I found solace in gardening.

While studying about cannabis and gardening, I decided to make a career change and started going to school in Sustainable Urban Agriculture, beginning a whole new path.

I earned Level One Cannabis Sommelier certificate certifying entry-level Cannabis quality Interpening with the Trichome Institute.

I also earned an online Masters Certificate in Cannabis Business, sale, growing, cooking, and wellness, with the Cannabis Training University.

Ok, ok…. I also have been a lifelong cannabis connoisseur – which comes with the territory when you grow up in Palo Alto and followed the Grateful Dead during the late ’80s ✌️☮️😎

I am not exactly sure where this path is taking me but I am enjoying the journey.

Come along with me while we discover new cannabis varietals, wellness products, and follow along with current trends in the legal cannabis market!

I look forward to sharing this journey with you!



Katy (1GardenFriend)
Katy in the garden.