How to make infused Cannabis soap!

Cannabis oil has many natural benefits to enhance the health of your skin. From ailing mild aches and pains to soothing dry irritated skin, acne and more.

Here is a very simple way to achieve a fabulous DIY cannabis infused soap.

  • First I infused a large jar of organic coconut oil, I purchased from the grocery store, with about a mason jar full of cannabis sugar trim.
  • Then I used melt and pour glycerin soap base from a craft store.
  • After melting the soap in a double boiler, I add a dollop of cannabis oil for about 4oz. of soap.
  • Once the base is melted add some essential oils for fragrance a few drops of color.
  • After you achieve the desired color and fragrance poor into molds and let cool.
  • This soap is very moisturizing and beneficial to the care of your skin.

If you’d like to try a recipe completely from scratch, click on the link below:

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