Cannabis Infused Vapor Rub

DIY infused Vapor Rub stored in reused cannabis packaging.

I like to make my own skincare products these days and my own cannabis infused products as well, because I like to know what goes inside my products. Also, it’s cost efficient because these products are super expensive as the new legal cannabis market emerges.

I’m super big on sustainability and reusability.

– Katy Rogondino

Recycling Inspiration

It’s also really easy to just do it yourself. Plus, I’m super big on sustainability and reusability these days and in the new legal cannabis market, excess packaging is a major problem. I always feel like I am stuck with packaging, so I figured why not reuse the packaging for the containers of my own skincare?

That’s what inspired this blog. Also, I have been plagued with the flu for the first time in years.

Me and my honey had been really sick and I decided to make our own vapor rub because we are so flipping congested. It’s been outrageous. I cannot breathe. I can’t hear. I can’t smell, it’s just all of the above.

So hence, making my own vapor rub and reusing the cannabis packaging. I have been saving for a moment just like this. It has worked phenomenally. Better than I had even planned, considering the fact that I couldn’t smell it. But my sinuses started to drain, and I could feel the pressure relieving from my temples.

I was like, I could actually feel the menthol in it as well. And it was very soothing, so I figured it was working. I mean, I couldn’t smell it, but I remember putting the ingredients in so I figured, okay, it’s gotta be there.

Anyhow. Two days later, as my smell started to come back, I realized how wonderful it does smell and it’s really good medicine, I hope you enjoy this recipe and get some relief from it as well.

And that you reuse your cannabis packaging or whatever packaging you have in your house and practice reusing things rather than trying to even just recycle things because recycling is also a joke these days, especially here in California. I’m not sure if you’ve done any research about it. I’m sure plenty of you do a lot of recycling, thinking you’re doing the best you can for the environment.

But really honestly, the best thing you could do for this environment is to reuse your packaging. I will have links with further reading about the crisis of recycling in California and the cannabis packaging crisis as well in the new legal cannabis market due to regulations. It’s a lot of information that I don’t really want to go into here, but I definitely would like you to do your research.

I hope you guys survive this cold and flu season and continued to do your best to be as sustainable as possible for our beautiful planet.

☮️ Peace. 💟

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